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ADY's new multi-distributor charging system for heavy-duty electric fleets

来源:SHENZHEN ADY POWER TECH. CO.,L作者:Charging发布时间:2019-10-24 08:43


Partneres have added a useful new product to their charging solution, the Multi-Distributor System, which enables Proterra workstations to pair up to four low-profile charge splitters with a Power Control System (PCS).
The solution enables automatic, continuous vehicle charging, which enables multiple vehicles to automatically charge at full power in sequence. To optimize space, the dispenser can be installed 500 feet from the PCS.
Multi-distributor charging is available for partner 60 kW and 125 kW systems and for partner t-transport vehicles and partner-powered Saf-T-Liner C2 Jouley electric school buses. Customers who already have a partner charger can retrofit multiple distributor solutions into existing PCS units.

The partner charger uses standard CCS Combo plugs and overhead pantograph technology to enable fleet operators to charge a variety of heavy and light electric vehicles using the same charger. The partner charger also features vehicle-to-grid functionality and supports smart grids.
Partner Chief Commercial Officer Matt Horton said: "One of the biggest challenges for the full electrification of the fleet is to manage complex energy ecosystems and charging infrastructure." "Shenzhen Andep Power Technology Co., Ltd. has been designing and developing to help reduce Pre-cost and flexible products and services. Expanded charging solutions to meet customer needs."